Thursday, February 24, 2011

Peace and Smile for the Weekend

I'm having coffee with full of cream (I regret) earlier. I visited The Red House (A Western-style red brick structure in Taipei's Ximinting built in 1908) after my Mandarin class. Yes, I just had breakfast at 12 noon :)

I'm feeling, well excited! It's long weekend for us. February 28, Monday is holiday commemorating the heroes of 228 Peace history of Taiwan.

On my mind are places to visit, my plans are to go to Yang Ming Mountain for Spring Flower Festival, watch film~The Black Swan, and foot massage. We deserve to be pampered once in a while :)

A Smile is the beginning of Peace.

- Mother Teresa

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Ruth said...

Wow! what a yummy cup of coffee!
I hope you enjoy your long weekend.
Thanks for sharing that beautiful quote.


Illinois Lori said...

Hi Lani! That's a beautiful coffee, I must say! I love the Mother Theresa quote :-) Gotta admit, Black Swan is a movie I don't care to see...I've seen the previews and read the reviews (reviews from a Christian perspective, I need to add), and though I know it's a great movie from an artistic perspective, the content is a darkness I don't want to enter. I hope it isn't too much of a dark cloud on your nice long weekend! Maybe save the flower show for after the movie, LOL! It'll brighten and lighten your mind! We are so far from flower-time here in IL, we won't really see them until May.

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