Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bunnies Lantern Festival (Day Time)

2011-02-16 D90 (2)
I've been posting the  Taipei's Lantern Festival for the past few days, how a glimpse of how they look like at day time. I look at them closely, I found out that they're made of colorful velvet cloth materials. Although they look beautiful, still I preferred to look at them at night.

2011-02-16 D90 (2)1
Amazing how they presented all of these, day and night, rain or shine!

2011-02-16 D90 (2)3
Here's the Elementary and Middle School section,
some are made of recycled materials.

2011-02-16 D90 (2)2
I hope you enjoy this little tour in my other side of the world!


raya said...

very festive! happy RT!
here is my entry: http://unshouted.wordpress.com/2011/02/21/ravishing-reds/

Dreamer's Click said...

Very interesting!

Halcyon said...

I am on bunny overload! :D

EG Wow said...

Lovely how much red there is at the Lantern festival!

eileeninmd said...

Just wonderful!It all looks so festive and colorful. Great photos.

Jama said...

They lanterns are so beautiful! such creative piece of artwork.

Luna Miranda said...

wonderful fabric animals and characters...i love the bright colors.

Clavs said...

Very colorful, I love it!...
Your newest follower,

~~Carol~~ said...

I thought they were all made of paper, and I can't believe that they can be left out in the rain! I'm sure these make everyone who sees them very happy!
Happy REDnesday!

LV said...

I am glad you took us along with you on this carnival trip. Very pretty reds everywhere.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I have noticed that Chinese celebrations usually involve a lot of red. I think I'm going to enjoy my first visit to that country!


A seeker of scarlet, they say,
Is likely to savor the day
If painted in red
Or ruby—instead
Of shades of monotonous grey!

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Tug Boats Tinged with Red

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