Thursday, February 17, 2011

Come Eat with Me


Happy Lantern Festival!
I'ts not a tea or coffee  that we're having for today. In those paper cups are called Tang Yuan 湯 圓 or Round Glutinous Rice Soup with Black/Red Beans. The roundness of the glutinous rice symbolize the 15th day of Lunar New Year , the first full moon, and the family wholeness.

I'm feeling bloated after eating those heavy balls, the taste is not much sweet. Today ends the celebration of Chinese New Year, and I'm sharing with you our activities in school. Aside from Glutinous Ball Soup, another tradition is the Lantern Festival. Here in Taipei, lots of lanterns are displayed throughout the city featuring whatever Zodiac Sign for the year. There's one place place here called Ping Xi, famous in
Flying Paper Sky Lantern into the night sky. In school, we made lantern craft that, see what I did below:)

I choose pink, symbolizing LOVE

On my mind, since it's officially Spring in here, I'm planning to visit places with lots of Cherry Blossoms. Not only appreciating the blooms but also time to stretch my legs for a bit walking, smell the freshness of air.

Come Tea with Me
Guest Heart Thursday


Dani said...

I havent tried tang yuan yet. Actually havent seen them around. Im sure I have missed them.

I love those cute heart lanterns.

Happy Lantern Festival!
Thank you for sharing, Lani.

GrandmaK said...

What a grand celebration. Wishing you a wonderful day! Cathy

Christine said...

Lani, Sounds like a great time. The cherry blossoms--oh, I can almost smell them! And what pretty lanterns. Enjoy your spring!!


Illinois Lori said...

Hi Lani! Oh, the thought of is still a coupple of months away here. But last year we went to Washington DC when the cherry trees were all in bloom, and we had some really nice days (most were pretty cold). It sure was lovely! I hope you have a good time of refreshment when you do get out to enjoy them there!


LauraX said...

love you hearts...looks like a wonderful celebration Lani...wishing you much joy, love and wholeness.

Clytie said...

My kids and I love anything with glutinous rice, and it's neat to find out some of the history!

And I LOVE your hearts! What a wonderful celebration!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

The festivals and symbolism you celebrate in Asia are always SO enriching and meaningful! I think Asia must be one of God's most beautiful creations! Thank you for sharing it with us!
Incidentally, we had rice with red beans in a tortilla wrap for lunch today!!

Inger-M said...

So cute little lanterns!

SquirrelQueen said...

Those little heart lanterns are so pretty. It looks like a wonderful celebration.

Ruth said...

Hi Lani! Greetings from Hongkong! It's a cold and misty spring morning here. We stay on the 22nd floor but I can't see anything from the window. It is so foggy. Last night we walked along Nathan Road and saw many remnants of the Spring Festival displays. There were lots of Cherry blossoms but made of plastics, LOL. I'm hoping to find real ones during the week of stay here.
Thank you for sharing this very informative/education post. Those are cute and pretty lanterns.


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