Friday, October 29, 2010

Looking at Gloomy Sky

Tai Da
National Taiwan University
(Number One University)
Main Entrance


Anonymous said...

a very nice
have a nice friday, dear

हेमंत कुमार ♠ Hemant Kumar said...

It's really very attractive photo.
Best wishes.

Gramma Ann said...

A lovely photo, even with the cloud cover. It was a cloudy, rainy, gloomy week for me this week also.

Dani said...

Thank you so much for the invitation. I'd love to. I have a friend who stayed in Taipei for a year and she loved it.

Hope I will. One day.
Can't wait to see those floral photos. Thank you.

Have a good night, dear Lani.

Kcalpesh said...

A little more light would have made this a perfect capture.. nicely composed though...

Pixellicious Photos

Francisca said...

The sky can't always be stunningly outrageously fantastically gorgeous... or we'd not appreciate it when it is! My week was pretty gloomy skywatching-wise too.

Liz said...

Beautiful photo.

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