Thursday, October 28, 2010

Keeping Myself Warm @ Home

taken 10.26.10
I'm having hot milk chocolate  in my favorite tin cup mug given to me by mister. I have this cup sent through mail in 2003 when mister was still working as part time in Starbucks - Las Vegas.

taken 10.27.10

I'm feeling cold since our temperature dropped yesterday from 28°C  to 18°C . This kind of weather makes me want to sleep all day :). Take note that I live in a Tropical Country, so our winter here is really moist. We have lots of rain too. But I have to do my daily routine - schooling and teaching (and practice cooking... and blogging ;).

taken 10.28.10
On my mind right now is my upcoming trip to Hong Kong this Friday tomorrow. My flight is 6:30 am, meaning I need to be there at least 5:00 am  5:30 am, I don't worry checking in since I can check-in online. I'm afraid I would switch off the alarm and go back to sleep...It happened to me last May (I went home in the Philippines), the plane left me I was late. I bought one way ticket doubled the price of my original round trip ticket :(.

“The traveler sees what he sees,

the tourist sees what he has come to see.”

- G. K. Chesterton


Dani said...

good morning!

Now its coffee time. First thing morning. At least for me :)

Have a great day, dear friend.

Ps. Its cold here in Tianjin too. 冷死了

☺lani☺ said...

I know! I'm about to go to school and yet I still lots of errands to do today... Keep Warm. Have a nice day as well!

Ruth said...

Hi Lani,

I'm glad to have you join us again this week. I envy your cool wether there. I miss wearing my winter clothes after we left China in 2005.

You have a nice mug there.

Keep warm!

GrandmaK said...

Wishing you a safe trip! It's a bit nippy here. But it's expected. It's time to change. My best to you! Cathy

Katia said...

I am like you, when the weather starts getting cooler i want to sleep more and just stay in. May you have a very safe trip tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the colder weather...seems to make my cup of tea more enjoyable to warm me from the inside out :) Blessings for safe travels.

'Tsuki said...

This is a nice slice of life you're sharing with us : I just love it... And the pictures are really greatly composed...

Illinois Lori said...

Hi! I like your silver-colored mug, it looks just right next to the computer! My mother used to collect pewter mugs, and this reminds me a little of them.

It is windy and VERY cold here in northern Illinois. Tonight it will be about 28 degrees F, which I think is -2C. Brrrr!


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