Thursday, December 9, 2010

Twogether in One

Taipei County, 2010
They will never be apart...

This art is right in front of Xi Zhi Train Station

Overlooking view in my window...


Clytie said...

This is adorable!!! What a wonderful and playful work of 'he'art - in a place where everyone can enjoy it! I'm so glad you found the cute heart to share.

Luna Miranda said...

cute! i like the clock face.:p

Terry said...

Howdy Lani
I am so glad you shared these happy and fun images with us today .
Thank you for posting them !
have a wonderful rest of the week.
Until next time
Happy Trails

concretenprimroses said...

so fun!

Dani said...

hello there big people. Such fun!
Lovely heart here.
Happy day, Lani!

Lyneen said...

FUN HEART!!! Thanks for Sharing

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