Thursday, November 18, 2010

About Apple Pie and Coffee (Mocha)

I'm having mocha minus sugar in my favorite cup/mug with Apple More Crumble Pie. Remember the apples that I've mentioned, here's the outcome. It has more crumbs than apple, since two of my four apples got rotten:(

I'm sharing with you a joke story: This can be true, specially in a place like Lost in Translation :)

Apple Pie and Coffee
A man had trouble with his English, so his friend taught him how to say, “Apple pie and coffee,” so when on the job, he could order some food at the local restaurant during his lunch hour. This was fine with our man, and he was grateful to his friend, but after several months he wanted a little more variety in his fare. His friend was glad to oblige and taught him how to say, “Ham and cheese sandwich.”

The man proudly walked into the restaurant the next day and said to the waitress, “Ham and cheese sandwich.” To which the waitress responded, “White, whole wheat, or rye?” With shoulders sagging and the smile gone from his face, he answered back, “Apple pie and coffee.”

I'm feeling good! My presentation today was over! It wasn't hard, the preparation and gathering of ideas took me a week since everything is in Chinese :) I still have written exam on Friday, this time all about grammar usage :(, I remember what my Chinese teacher told me long time ago. Everything in Chinese is upside down of English. Example: Happy birthday = Birthday happy!

On my mind is about Christmas! I'm thinking of going home and spend Christmas with family. The last time I was home for Christmas was in 2002. Christmas is not celebrated in Taiwan, most of the time I'm in the Church on Christmas Season.

Have a nice day!

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4 comments: said...

wow the pie looks delicious!

Ruth said...

Great post, Lan. Your apple pie looks great still.

That's a funny story. I can relate very well and I have done a lot of blunders learning languages. Thai is my fourth language to learn in the classroom. I'm reminded of my friend whom I met in china. We were both studying Mandarin then. She went to the vulcanizing shop to have her bicycle tire filled with air. She said "Wo xiang fang qi." All men in the shop laughed. She left wondering why because she was careful with her tones.

Anyways, it's good to hear you're feeling good. I'm a bit sad but there's hope. I can smile at the future.

Hope you get to spend Christmas at home.


Christine said...

Lani, your pie looks yummy! And I love the story; poor man. How exciting to go home for Christmas!


Mrs. Santos said...

Hi Lani~ I loved your little story - very cute. I am so curious to know what Ruth wrote in her comment! What does it mean? I am looking forward to Christmas too. Such a time of expectation and peace when we look at what God did for us that day.

Happy Day to you (or Day Happy!)

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