Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fake Nails Designer

Artificial Finger Nails in Business

There are many small places or even vendors business about fake nails, but the first time I saw moving van offering her different designs for fake nails. I captured this Pink Mini-Van @ Xizhi (Shih Chih) City Night Market. If you happen to know Jolin Tsai, a famous young singer here in Taiwan has a business about artificial/fake nails and nail polishes around Asia. I guess that's made this fashion click for teenagers.


Evelyn said...

That's a cute van. Mmm, not keen on fake nails but if it's a fashion, chances are it's gonna be good business.

EG Wow said...

I think it's interesting how we humans think we are not quite enough without adding a ton of ornaments to our bodies. Most of us do it...maybe not nails, but something. For me, my passion is earrings. :)

Hilda said...

I can do without fake nails. Or long real ones, for that matter. I always break them anyway. ;)

But that van is just so adorable! I can see my nieces wanting theirs colored just like this!

Imagination-Cafe Magazine said...

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Tracy said...

Cute van, my daughter would love it!

Anonymous said...

lol that's so awesome!

Following you via Fun Follow Friday

Indrani said...

Yes they are hit with the youngsters.

debbie said...

Happy First Pink Saturday Lani,
This pink van is very unique...false fingernails are a big thing in the United States, also...I'm sure probably all over the world.
Very nice to meet you.
Have a lovely weekend.
Simply Debbie

Riet said...

That is a cute pink post.
Happy pink Saturday.
Riet, The netherlands

Sherry from Alabama said...

Cute, cute, cute! What a neat post for your first Pink Saturday! Welcome!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

luluslovlies said...

I love that Pink mini-van, what a great idea also! Welcome to Pink Saturdays!

Jean said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday. Very cute van. Hope you are having a great weekend.

Roberta said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Just had to stop by and say hello when I saw "Taipei" in your blog name because I lived in Tawain for a couple of years when I was a kid...a long time ago ;) Over 35 years now...but I have always loved the memories we had from when we lived in Tin Mou (spelled?). My dad was in the Army and we were fortuante enough to live on the economy and not on post so that we got to really see the beautiful country for what it was...rice patties right next door and all. We had a hair-dresser who took us to many temples and places like Green Lake. I've just added your blog to my google reader so that I can keep up with your posts. Have a wonderful week, fondly, Roberta

Beverly said...

Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Lani. I am so glad you decided to join us.

I love this idea, and that pink van would definitely draw attention. A great marketing vehicle!

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