Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Red (Bar and Tea) House

A little bar/tea house near National Taiwan Normal University

Inside the Red House

Balcony of Red House

The stairs at the Red House

An English Tea in Tea Cup with Red Ribbon


Maria @ LSS said...

Beautiful photos. I would love to sit there and have tea. :

Happy RT!

Mine's here.

Sylvia K said...

What a colorful place, Lani! I would love to have tea there, too! Wishing you a beautiful week! Enjoy!


Indrani said...

Red all around, how nice. So well captured.

gengen said...

Nice red shots...happy RT!

Luna Miranda said...

i remember the time when a "red house" is something unmentionable, especially to wives.:p

liberal sprinkles said...

Thanks for sharing this, I woulnd't mind having some tea there! I bloghopped my way over here, have a great day!

Irish said...

it looks sooo cute in those pictures!

here's my entry: http://www.imasworld.com/2011/03/rt-baby-in-red/

Anonymous said...

What a great tea house! Love the balcony.

Ann said...

If I am a student studying for exams, all these red might give me a headache.

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