Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Dry Leaf

(photo taken @ Tian Lai Resort - September 2010)

 A Dry Leaf

Leaves are like ideas in the mind
They come when needed
They flourish and give life
Light and great wisdom
When ideas have served their purpose
They need to be swept away
We must constantly sweep out the old
And give way for the new one
Man breathes for life
As he reaches
His old age
It will cease
And will fall apart
Like a dry leaf…

- Paul Pruel 


Rob and Mandy said...

Beautiful composition!

Dani said...

marvelous heart.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy GHT.

Clytie said...

What a simply beautiful heart ... and a wonderfully appropriate quote. Thank you so much for finding and sharing both!

Limar said...

A lovely heart, very nice photo :)

Sunny said...

A simply perfect little ♥.
☼ Sunny

Laura said...

beautiful leaf-heart the inspiring poem too.

Laura said...

oops, I thought I had clicked on Dani's link...does not change my comment above otherwise!

JayLeigh said...

The picture is so pretty with the ray of light reaching across the leaf. Great quote you put with it. The picture and the quote are so good together.

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